Event Packages

Our Event Packages

You have found the perfect location for your wedding, birthday, family reunion, worship, music or storytelling event but you are not sure what amenities you would like to have. Sunset Gatherings has developed four packages that can take much of the event planning burden off your shoulders.

Ivy and Sunset Packages Include:

  • Host site staff during event for site maintenance, trash, and/or access to additional items
  • Enough tables and white table cloths (if desired) to accommodate MAX guests indicated in the specified package.
  • White folding chairs to accommodate seating of guests at dining tables.
  • Bride “hide-away”, as she waits for her Que to walk down the aisle.
  • Tree torches (lit and extinguished)
  • Bon fire service (wood & attendant)
  • Trash and recycling containers and removal throughout duration of event
  • Startwin 1320 Tent shelter with interior lighting
  • Front Parking Area Only

Ivy Package: up to 50 seated guests

$1750 – Monday – Thursday  9am – 9pm

$1850 – Friday 9am – 11pm & Sunday 9am – 9pm

$2000 – Saturday 9am – 11pm

Sunset Package: Up to 80 seated guests

$2150 – MONDAY – THURSDAY  9AM – 9PM

$2250 – FRIDAY 9AM – 11PM & SUNDAY 9AM – 9PM

$2400 – SATURDAY 9AM – 11PM

“Plus” Packaging: adds 5pm – 8pm day before and 9am -12pm day following event.  Add following amounts to package above totals:


$250 – FRIDAY


Lavender Package (includes notes day before and day after times):