Find Us

91 Sunset Lane in Burnsville NC is the “physical” location of Sunset Gatherings – Events On The Green.  Unfortunately, this address is not yet available on my GPS systems.  Many GPS systems will take you to “Sunset DRIVE”…THIS IS NOT THE SAME.  For those familiar with the town of Burnsville, Sunset Gatherings is located just off 197 South (Pensacola Rd), 5.9 miles south of Hwy 19E.  You can get an idea as to where Sunset Gatherings is located by previewing the map on the right side of this page.  Click enlarge to zoom in and see a satellite view.


We ask that all site tours be scheduled.  However, if your curiosity is itching for a taste of this special place then these directions will get you to our parking area:


GPS:  State Rd 1179 (Powell Rd).

Turn right on Powell Rd, cross over Cane River, then turn right after the bridge continuing on Powell Rd.  Just a short distance from the bridge is a group of mailboxes on the right (river side).  Enter Sunset Lane.  Take Sunset Lane through the stone entry columns, immediately cross over the asphalt driveway on to the grass.  This is Sunset Gatherings front parking area.